5 Pomeranian Grooming Tips To Keep Your Pet Pristine

Pomeranian Puppy

Covered with fluffy fur, Pomeranian dogs are one of the most popular breeds among dog lovers. With big button like eyes, soft coat, tiny snout, and friendly personality, they can rule over the hearts of their owners. They are an expensive breed but are totally worth every penny.

To keep their adorability and curtness top notch, every Pomeranian dog owner should ensure they are employing the right grooming techniques. Every Pom owner should know that a mature Pom has double layered coat which consists of an outer top layer of guard fur beneath which there’s a short undercoat.


Grooming Tips

The most important thing to take care of is your Pom’s fur. Proper care wouldn’t only make your dog look presentable but will also ensure he or she stays healthy. Not taking care of your dog’s fur can lead to development of parasites such as lice, ticks, and fleas, which may cause skin discomfort along with making your dog sick. Here are few tips that will help you keep your Pomeranian friend clean, cute, and healthy.

1. Regular Baths

Your grooming routine must include regular baths to keep the dog clean and healthy. It’s not necessary to bathe your dog daily, once in a month will do. However, use a high quality shampoo and conditioner to ensure the fur gets cleaned and doesn’t tangle. It’s recommended to brush your dog’s hair before you give him a bath.

2. Regular Brushing or Combing

It’s important to ensure the hair of your Pomeranian don’t get tangled up and appear well-groomed. For that, you need to brush or comb the fur at least twice a week. Brushing or combing assist in keeping dog’s fur straight which prevents formation of mats in the coat.

Apart from that, having the right brush and employing the right brushing technique are also crucial. A slicker or pin brush can be used. Ensure that bristles of the brush reach the inner coat and touch the skin, however, don’t apply too much force. When both coats get brushed or combed properly, damage to them becomes preventable.

3. Blow Drying & Brushing After Bath

Fluffy dogs absorb a lot of moisture when you give them a bath and allowing their coat to be damp can lead to different health issues. That’s why whenever you give your Pomeranian a bath, blow dry and brush his fur until you are sure both coats are completely dry. When blow drying, make sure that the air is blowing in the direction of the brushing.

4. Regular Grooming

Pomeranian dog’s hair can grow really quickly and before you know it your dog is somewhere lost in the heap of fur. That’s why you need to give your dog a neat haircut that suits his personality. If you are not confident enough in your barber skills, hiring a professional to do the job can be a good idea. The longer the hair, the more grooming they need, so ensuring the length stays short also cuts down your amount of work.

Moreover, once your Pom’s nails get too long, clip them off with a high quality clipper. This is something you can do yourself at home. For grooming at home, you can use Javen Professional Dog Grooming Scissors which are made of stainless steel and feature rounded end tips for additional safety cushion. Another alternative is Sorliva Pet Grooming Clipper Kit Set with professional head, titanium blade, and precision motor.

5. Keep a Look Out For Unhealthy Coat

When grooming your Pomeranian, you can check his fur to determine whether there are skin, hair or other health issues that your beloved pet might be facing. Healthy fur means healthy dog but if there’s something wrong with the fur, it can be a symptom of some sort of disorder.

Among other symptoms, the most common include dandruff, dull fur, dryness, hair loss, and greasy hair. These symptoms indicate that your dog doesn’t have healthy fur or skin and might be facing a health issue. Take your dog to a vet right away if symptoms are clearly

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