Why You Need To Bath Your Dog ?

  1. To clean skin
  2. To remove loose hair and debris
  3. To remove bad smell from its body

These 3 is basic benefit for proper bath of a dog.

How To Bath ?

I will show you the basics of how to bath your dog. I am going to teach you everything I know about proper washing techniques for a dog. Essential Materials Needed List of essential materials (2 cotton ball, shampoo and towel)

Washing With Optimum Temperature

Put the cotton ball into dogs ears. If your dog ears is dirty you need to us ear cleaner. First of all check your water temperature. Cold water is uncomfortable for a dog and hot water can inadvertently burn his skin. You can start washing from the dogs face, be careful about its nose, if it gets too much water in the nose, they can start unpleasant activity.


Use a tear-free dog shampoo into the face and head. Slowly start massaging. Use a medicare dog shampoo. It helps to protect your dog skin bacteria and mite free. Massaging well with the shampoo in its whole body. End of the shampoo massaging, time to wash dogs body. Start top of the face with head and slowly with its whole body.


End of the wash, whole body then start to dry. Use a soft washcloth or towel for drying. This is the very simple way to bath a dog.

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