Grooming a curly or wavy haired dog is one of the most challenging responsibilities of a dog owner, compared to the straight-coated haired dogs.

5 tricks to help you out with your new responsibility as a curly or wavy haired dog owner.

  • Using A Slicker Brush
  • Run The Comb Through The Entire Coat
  • Trim Excess Hair
  • Tidy Up
  • Do Not Immediately Blow-Dry, After Bathing

Using A Slicker Brush

Before you start bathing the dog, you should brush off the dead coat by using slicker or the pin brush. This will help remove the annoying hair tangles, which are common to curly or wavy haired dogs.

First, part the hair by using your fingers, to ensure that the dog’s skin is visible.

Secondly, use the brush and brush the hair from the root to the tip; however, if the coat is too thick, you may start brushing from the end to the root.Lastly, make sure to brush the hair from the tip to the skin, to ensure that the bacteria-building mats are removed.

Run The Comb Through The Entire Coat

Do not leave traces of unbrushed coat, make sure that every single tangle is removed. Also, do not brush too fast, take some time to brush your dog’s hair from the root to the tip.

Trim Excess Hair

Using the right scissor which you may find some dependable products, trim the excess hairs from the dog’s eyes, between the toes, inside the ears, around the mouth or nose, and on the paws. Trimming excess hair will relieve the dog from having bacteria build-up on the coat, mats, or annoying hair tangles.

Tidy Up

Make sure that you have tidied up every side of the dog’s coat. Since the thickness of every curly or wavy haired dog’s coat is varied, you have to take time to tidy things up, to ensure that the trim is well-shaped. Additionally, curly or wavy haired breeders shears or clips their dog’s coat regularly maintaining 3/4 inch size.

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