Every pet owner who cares about their beloved pet takes grooming of their pets really seriously. But how about going an extra mile and giving your dog a haircut that makes him look stylish and unique. But how to approach it? Here are few tips that will help you in giving your dog the very first haircut.

Search the Internet for Best Haircuts

This is the best part. Get the help of your best friend Google and look for some creative and fun haircuts. For a first, choose something that’s easy, simple and looks elegant. If relevant results don’t show up on Google images, try websites like Tumblr and Pinterest. Some popular haircuts include summer cut, puppy cut, and lion do. If you’ve a poodle, you can find a wide range of hairstyles for it.

Ensure Your Chosen Hairstyle is Practical

Finding out a great looking hairstyle is one thing but making sure it is doable and wouldn’t cause any troubles for your dog is another. Look for pros and cons of a hairstyle. Will your dog have to go through a lot of trouble during the haircut or after? Ask common sense questions. Internet is filled with tons of dog hairstyles that appear harmless but are difficult to pull off in reality and can put your dog through a lot of undeserving trouble. The only thing you need to be considerate about is that your wishes of giving your dog a hairstyle don’t come at the cost of sever discomfort or other issues.

Find a Professional Pet Hairstylist

While you can take on the job yourself, it is imperative to understand that it’s recommended to hire a professional groomer who is experienced and ins and outs of giving pets cool haircuts. Ask for the kind of hairstyling they have done before and see if their work looks satisfactory. Once you have found the right person, trust him with the job and see if he can come up with his own ideas.

The Price Concern

Another important factor that can’t be overlook is about the price you’re going to pay. Since hairstyling is something you’d be doing quite regularly, it is better to choose economical hairstyles. Go for something that’s cost effective but elevates the physical appearance of your dog.

Prices may differ on the basis of breed, experience of the hairstylist, and the type of hairstyle you’ve chosen.

Styling Products

After your dog has gotten your desired hairstyle, you can buy a wide range of dog hairstyling products to give your pet unique style that makes him stand out of the crowd. Here are couple of budget priced but versatile hairstyling solutions that you and your dog will love.

Dog Hair Dye Gel

Made by Owpawz and available in multiple colors, this dye gel features tube style dispensing turning hair dying process into a mere convenience. The gel itself is completely non-toxic and comes in bright fun colors to give your dogs the personality they deserve. The gel is semi-permanent so if you’re looking for something that washes off in a day or two, this might not be the dye you want.

When dying your dog fur, ensure you are wearing gloves since the dye can stain your hands. The dying process can get a bit messy so keep some spare bleach around for cleaning up afterward. This gel will bring out the hidden personality in your dog.

Hair Dye Kit

You are not going to be able to dye your dog without an excellent hair dye kit. Owpawz also offers a complete hair dying kit for pets which contains 14 different elements. This 14 piece hair dye kit includes all the necessary tools you’d need for dying and styling your dog.

The kit includes 2 large hair clips, 2 short hair clips, and 4 long hair clips to ensure you get the dye perfectly right. Apart from that, there are four multi-use tools for combing, styling hair, brushing, and picking as well.


One of things that you need to ensure is that your dog doesn’t show any signs of discomfort or anxiety after haircut and styling. If your dog appears to be fidgety, uncomfortable or otherwise not normal, make sure you contact a qualified professional vet just to verify if everything is fine. Take any remedy actions possible if required.


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