Cleaning dogs during the winter isn’t as simple as it is in the summer when you can just rinse them with a hose. To make wintertime baths a little easier, we have compiled these five tips.

  1. Take a Potty Break In Its Bath
  2. Create a Toasty Environment
  3. Use the Right Type of Towel
  4. Don’t Use Human Shampoo
  5. Go to a Self-Serve Dog Wash

Take a Potty Break In Its Bath

Exposing a wet dog to cold temperatures can put it at risk of hypothermia. Take your dog for a bathroom break before washing it. As you’re probably aware, when a dog runs on a full bladder or stomach, it’s likely to have an accident.

Create a Toasty Environment

Before bathing dogs in winter, turn up the heat in your house by a degree or two. Be sure that the water used for your dog’s bath is nice and warm, as well.

Use the Right Type of Towel

The large towels can tangle your pet’s hair and will get heavy and be hard to handle when wet. A lightweight towel that has good for drying dogs.The Absorber has a sponge-like construction that will draw water away from your pet’s fur, which will allow it to dry quicker than if you were to use an old bath towel. The Absorber also has a smooth surface, so it won’t tangle your pet’s fur. In addition, you can run The Absorber under warm water to create a heated towel for your pup.

Don’t Use Human Shampoo

Can you bathe a dog in the winter using human shampoo? Probably not a good idea. Human shampoo is too acidic for dogs and can irritate their skin. If your pooch has sensitive skin, try using a moisturizing shampoo or just plain water to bathe your dog during the winter months.

You can use dog shampoo.

Go to a Self-Serve Dog Wash

Winter dog grooming is not easy. If you own a large dog, your best bet is to take it to a self-serve ash facility. 

Most facilities have step-in baths, dog can get in and out by itself. You won’t have to bend over and strain your back while washing your pup. Even better, you won’t have to mess up your tub or worry about dog hair clogging your drains.

Remember, bathing your dog doesn’t have to be cumbersome, follow the tips above and you can make it through winter with a clean and happy pup. 

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