Grooming a silky dog specially cocker spaniel is one a difficult responsibility of a dog owner, compared to the other straight-coat haired dogs.

Here are some tips to help you with grooming your Cocker Spaniel (or Other silky dog). Things to take care about, Silky coat can break during brushing

You can use this on other dog breeds such as Afghan Huns setters Yorkshire Terriers and Peaks

These breeds have longer hair on their ears undercarriage front and back legs and tail. Long hair can get matted easily they have to be brushed on regular or needs to be shaved sadly!

Use medium size Slicker Brush, to remove any tangles and knots in the hair. The benefits of brushing are huge, it gently massages the skin and can give the dog a big shiny soft coat. If you find any knots just trim the dogs hair knots with scissor

Patience and a lot of it is what is required for your grooming session at home.

First we do the hand stripping

  • Start with top of the head
  • The area from skull to ears
  • The First 1/3 Part of the ear
  • Muzzle edges ( foreface)
  • Shoulders
  • Back (the whole thing from tailbone to back of neck)
  • Fur on both sides
  • The front legs only that part which is front
  • The thighs
  • The upper tail
  • The ‘feathering’ under the tail & down the hind leg’s
  • The rear pasterns (‘hock’ bone)

Then the Clipping / Scissoring

  • The throat to be trimmed using thinning scissors
  • Under the tail and around the anus part to be trimmed using thinning scissors
  • The Paw underside, and Not between the pads. Use straight scissors
  • Once you make sure the foot is flat on the ground, trim around the paws – straight scissors
  • Any stray hair ‘Hock Area’, Use straight or thinning scissors
  • Neaten up any areas left over using straight or thinning scissors
  • The inside of the ear around opening, make sure its clean because the hair can be irritating

Post Grooming Care

Prone to ear infections make sure the ears are clean

Brush your dog daily

Grooming Sessions every 6-8 Weeks

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